At this point, we are offering exclusive – unique – mostly Czech domains from various areas of human life that may be useful for your new business plan or as an support page for attracting new customers regularly every month that you would not have received without us and Czech domains – supported by us  – in the Czech Republic and in the Czech Internet environment.

Do you want a profitable investment?

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BUSINESS: + + +  – – 29.999 CZK

TOP: UberAir.SK a Uber-Air.SKinfo –  9.999 CZK

TOP: UberElevate.CZ + UberElevate.EU – info –  9.999 CZK

TOP: + +   – –19.999 CZK

TOP SK: AndroidPay.SK9.999 + – Price for set of domains: 9.999 CZK (the popularity of Google and Seznam CZ – 1500 UIP per month !!) – the domain of the most famous slimming remedy – suitable for pharmacies, e-shops- in addition, we will introduce an support website, in case of interest, for targeted redirection to your real trade brand of another drug for weight loss – domain for 9.999 CZK + price of a possible support web-site (popularity of Google and Seznam CZ – 450 UIP per month) + Slimex.SK – another weight loss – until 2011 it was produced with subutramine (then it was banned by EU), since 2015 it is produced with chromium picolinate – but in the Czech Republic it is not sold, nevertheless, it is a very popular word, so I recommend pharmacies or e-shops with dietary supplements for weight loss to create a an support web-site with information on Slimex compared to their product with a large commission and redirection to a profitable offer for ordering at their official site – 9.999 CZK per domain + 10.000 CZK for version in Slovak + support web-site by agreement

AmazonDron.COM – the distribution of goods using drones is tested, for example, by the largest e-shop Amazon – an absolutely short domain, which they, apparently, will want to own – 999 CZK

AmazonLogistic.SK – Amazon will open a logistics center in Slovakia – an absolutely short domain, which they, apparently, will want to own – 999 CZK

Amazon fulfillment center – Google has developed a dietary Android. It will outpace the weaker smartphones. The page is suitable for the support web-site of the seller of mobile phones or even an e-shop with MT. The word Android is entered into Czech browsers in the amount of about 2400 UIP per month – 1.999 CZK is a domain created with the name of a new Czech company for a unique business, which in 2030 will be definitely far ahead, including the Czech Republic – 4.999 CZK – Business with drones is growing rapidly. In a few years, it will create a market for trillions, the study says – a short, unambiguous domain – book an investment domain for the GIANT in this business, which will come definitely to the Czech Republic and will search for an original, short and clear domain – 4.999 CZK – 7 letters in a unique domain – Business with drones is growing rapidly. In a few years, it will create a market for trillions, the study says. Over time, this is suitable for drones, carrying things or even people-for example, in 10 years – 6.999 CZK – drones can not only spy and kill. They can also save lives. It turns out that the drones equipped with defibrillators can arrive to people who have had a stroke nearly seventeen minutes earlier than ambulances, as they wrote in – of course, we would be happy if a drone came to us in sich a way in the case of an emergency, and the caller was able to handle the defibrillator- if you ever plan this – domain for only 1.999 CZK

+ + 19.999 CZK per domain – ambulanceDRONE theme and surgery for 1 min 58 sec – VIDEO below is a miracle that may be in the future quite realistic

+ – this domain for 4.999 CZK

+ – this domain for 4.999 CZK + (the popularity of Google and Seznam CZ for one word IQOS now – 1500 UIP per month) is a revolution in smoking that will come to the Czech market in the autumn of 2017. The last free modification of this word in the domain is 4.999 CZK + 9.999 CZK – the domain for the  auxiliaty web-site of financial companies or banks – 999 CZK – The production of beaded jewelry in Poniklé in the Krkonoše region has become a world rarity, do you also undertake in this field? Get a really cheap domain with the history of this craft, then you will no longer be confused with competitors – 999 CZK – the key word for the long-awaited mobile phone – Leagoo is also preparing for the release of the frameless MIX (some sources call it T-MIX), which should be literally a copy of the smartphone Mi MIX from Xiaomi -we will create the sales page for this or other models for interested parties in the sale of these phones in the Czech Republic in the narrow specialization of several price leaders in sales – we recommend to cooperate with the official office of – 999 CZK for our domain – the portal Android Police brought, at first glance, the official snapshot of the upcoming OnePlus 5 model, which shows roughly the top half of the device – as well as above – an support sales page for this keyword, which will be entered in Czech search engines after entering the market still more – Domain price: 999 CZK – Current popularity before entering the market at about 120 UIP / month. – 2.999 CZK is the last free modification of English translation yet available in the Czech Republic for a specialized hairdressing salon that deals with dreadlocks, pigtails, rasts, etc. An absolutely unique domain is set up for your WordPress support page in the form of a professional ONLINE sales magazine that guarantees you a lot Clients for your new professional salon – how the sample of the WordPress Magazine can look, see HERE – the price for the domain 4.999 CZK + ONLINE magazine with the first 5 thematic articles about your business and installation of paid marketing channels for them + 15.000 CZK + DiaGone.EU – highly investment domains are suitable as a means to compensate for their purchase price, because we have registered both options, the Czech Republic and the EU, and thus significantly weakened the market, because the COM option, of course, is already unavailable. What is it about? The revolution in the treatment of diabetes  type 2 – it would be no exaggeration to call so the novelty that ICEM prepares for diabetics. The first patients can undergo surgery in the perspective of several weeks. “This is a minimally invasive method in which, with partial anesthesia, we insert to the patient endoscopically through the mouth into the duodenum the catheter with the DiaGone laser specially developed for this treatment. It can accurately focus on the nerve cells that are in the wall of this initial part of the small intestine and blind them without damaging the surrounding tissues. Source and further information: – Price for set of domains: 19.000 CZK – the domain is suitable, for example, for a construction company that has been in operation for a long time and then was abolished for non-payment, we offer for the price: 999 CZK – occupy your hands and fingers with a simple anti-stress toy Fidget Spinner, which Forbes magazine included in the list of “must-have” items for 2017. Just start to rotate it and push it further with small jerks. The word Spinner is currently being entered in Czech search engines at about 90,000 UIP per month. Fidget Spinner in turn 210.000 x. This is huge popularity. Currently there are no already free unique Czech domains for this product. Our domain contains a keyword with a short popular suffix OV – suitable, in particular, for an online store. We can create it for you on your favorite platform Prestashop and then for a commission to organize SEO-optimization for placing on the first places of the Czech search engines. Spinner can be ordered from China, with a discount of about 150 – 700 CZK a piece. Start, therefore, the original business in this profitable area and earn hundreds of thousands over time. Domain price – 999 CZK + e-shop, if interested, for agreement – the domain is suitable for a marketing or advertising agency – 1.999 CZK – YotaPhone smartphones are known for their unique design with a screen on both sides. After a long delay the third release is being prepared fot the autumn. The arrangement is no longer a secret. The design center in Finland was abolished, the Russian one is minimized. The development of the model YotaPhone 3 moved to China to the company Coolpad. The planned novelty will be sold by the company under the name Yota, as well as under its own brand, mainly in the domestic Chinese market. However, exports are still in the plans-an exclusive 4-letter domain + domain of a following product- CZK 4.999

After researching the problems on YOTAphone phones the next day we register the domain of the new product –, when in the above-mentioned set- Yota – the name of the new LLC + official representation in the product brand domain + on the new domain name of the new one-product e-shop with accessories. Do you think that among our neighbors – in about 800 apartments of Russian compatriots in homes – you will not find their lovers who will buy this really high-quality phone?After all, it was stressed even by the Russian Prime Minister Medvedev in 2013. The new model 3 will be released in autumn 2017. By that time, it is necessary to create an LLC, to create 2 websites, and to link all this  together and combine- into one functional unit. The price for the mediation of these services is about 100,000 CZK, 50% prepayment against on the invoice. – the biggest outlet-center in the Czech Republic will probably open in the autumn of 2017. It will look like the Prague Old Town. We have registered a keyword in the domain for this project. It is suitable, for example, for a future tenant in the specified premises to combine his brand with all this unique construction into one unique Czech URL of your new presentation, which can – after good work with SEO tools – bring all visitors who search the whole COMPLEX via the Internet to the first places in the Czech  search engines- and since you will be on the 1st place-they will first look at the content of your page and will know where they should go first, when they decide to find the best benefits th a bid that is elsewhere to be found. This is suitable for a large player. Also suitable for use in the leading e-shop by a tenant engaged in the Internet sales. Thanks to our domain, you can eventually earn millions on the attractiveness of the whole complex. Inexpensive branded fashion in Prague – there will be hundreds of customers a day from all over the Czech Republic there, but first and foremost, everyone will search for information on the Internet – a unique domain – 99,000 CZK – – 19.999 CZK – our robot seized it on the expiry date on July 20, 2017 – suitable for an existing or new business – a clear, concise and specific name – 999 CZK – our robot seized it on the expiry date 07/08/2017 – suitable for an existing or new business – 999 CZK – our robot was seized on the expiry date 07/08/2017 – suitable for an existing or new business – 999 CZK – our robot was seized on the expiry date 16/08/2017 – 9.999 CZK – our robot was seized on the expiry date 22/08/2017 – 1.999 CZK – our robot was seized on the expiry date 30/08/2017 – 4.999 CZK our robot was seized on the expiry date 07/10/2017 – 4.999 CZK – our robot was seized on the expiry date 15/10/2017 – 4.999 CZK

In general word DRONE in is searched about 6.500 x per month in Google and Seznam

WORLD / CHINA – www. info –  99.000 CZK – 999 CZK + 99.000 CZK – –  99.000 Kč CZK – 7.7.2017 – ČEZ bought the German company Elevion with sales in the amount of billions-do you need this unique Czech domain? – 99.000 CZK + Motit.EU – the agency for the European GNSS (GSA) at the May presentation in 2017 at the headquarters in Prague showed one of the interesting options for using the Galileo system – general electric scooters within the Barcelona Motit project. Spanish investors want to expand their motorcycle business to Prague. It is based on lending of electric scooters, which, thanks to signals from satellites, can be left anywhere in the city. The G-Motit service currently operates in Barcelona and in Paris. In the Czech Republic you need a partner who will launch MOTIT-do you want to be one and buy for us the fully occupied unique domains of the Czech Republic and the EU? – The cost of a set of both domains is 4.999 CZK

SilkRoad.SK – “The Silk Road” in the English terminology from Wikipedia with the Slovak ending of SK – which was the last free one in European countries and the mainly used providers on the Internet – 999 CZK

HedvabnaStezka.EU – (the popularity of Google and Seznam on the Great Silk Road right now is 1500 UIP per month), Mr. President is delighted with the union of China and Europe, and you, too? So enter the sale of your brand on this domain and be the first in the search engines in this phrase, suitable for any e-shop or online magazine with viral themes that will provide you with an influx of customers into your real business (provided you work with SEO) – 1.999 CZK

ChinaEastern.SK – They are already operating in the Czech Republic, and do you think that in time they will not fly to Slovakia either? – 19.999 CZK + + + + + + + + + + + + InvestChina. Cz + + + + ChinaBank.cz199.000 CZK


TOP –  – 299.000 CZK domain – will turn off the engine even at high speeds, saving fuel. The flagship and the traditional competitor of sedans, that is, the BMW 7 series or the Mercedes S class, will appear July 11, 2017 in the morning, and the fact that it will be with us for many years (like your new page) – certainly is beyond any doubt. It is clear for whom – the dealer or the seller of Audi – a support page for this keyword and the redirection of the special discount to your sales support page by phone – CZK 4.999 per domain + support page, if necessary, SEO by arrangement – now we add a link to – Audi A8 is the most modern car in the world – Audi RS 5, in the very accurate realization of the model A5 Coupe under the hood there is no longer the eight-cylinder engine, but the new bi-turbo six cylinder 2.9 TFSI with a capacity of 450 horsepower – 7-letter national domain, but this is the official name and, thus, the keyword for search for a support page for those who are interested in buying this luxury vehicle – in case if through your official representation – how much will be your commission from one successfully completed order? Certainly, less than this figure? – 4.999 CZK domain + by agreement for a unique page with redirection to your sales support – if you want the best that the A5 range offers and at the same time the version of the coupe is too small for you, you have a choice of coupe-like implementation. The RS5 version is only confirmed for the coupe, so the S5 Sportback will offer the most powerful engine on the menu. It has 354 horsepower, and thus 260 kW (source of text – – the price of the domain – 4.999 CZK + support page for sales support in case of your interest – price by agreement – Audi Q5 is a compact crossover produced by the German car manufacturer Audi. At the same time, the new Audi MLP platform was used, which was presented for the first time in 2007. It has a large selection of engines – gasoline, TDI, hybrid (gasoline / electricity) with different content and power. The car uses an eight-speed transmission Tiptronic – the price of the domain – 4.999 CZK – on Friday, May 26, 2017, at the famous Italian exhibition of automotive beauty Concorso d’Eleganza, Villa d’Este will present the new BMW 8 Series Concept. From the artistic point of view, the car can be described as a mobile statue – a short unique 4-letter domain, whose bearer will become a legend – the domain is suitable for a BMW dealer for the deployment of a support site or even to create an official website for the sale of this one model within your new business project , for example, a one-page smart site for online acquaintance of customers with a new model, and if you buy it for yourself as a demonstration – then you can start a business with it only on this only product – the price for the domain: CZK 49.000 + CZK 30,000 for a support site and the creation of marketing channels that will reach the target audience of this possible very profitable business segment.

+ In this price we will include a newly registered domain within a week: – The Munich car maker, after demonstrating a fine study of the large luxury coupe of the 8 series, announced that there would be a sports version of the M8 and a racing version of the M8 GTE, with which the Munich brand returns among other things, to the famous Le Mans race

– source of explanatory texts on cars – – we register from 2.6.2017. For example, on the second support page on this keyword for the second dealer. People like X4 more than X6 and to be honest, even I stood by its side for a long time, and when I saw it, I could not take her eyes off it. Only that it begins with 1.334.000 CZK, which unfortunately, I do not have. Just the domain itself has a price of min. 100.000 CZK in the future. This is certain. 4.999 CZK for this domain – The Munich car maker showed the first images of the 6 GT model, which replaces the not very beautiful, but more practical 5 GT. In comparison with it, the new model will offer yet more attractive lines. The new BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo will be officially unveiled in September at the IAA Motor Show in Frankfurt. The market entry will then take place in November of the same year – at this time you may have a sales page on your domain in the key word, as well as other BMW dealers at the top – 4.999 CZK per domain – 9.999 CZK per domain – Citroen replaces MPV C3 Picasso with a small SUV C3 Aircross. It will start selling in the second half of 2017. Citroen wants to create stylish cars, and this applies to both the classic C3 and this novelty is the one which people will soon start enterin in the search engines – by this time already on this new domain you can create a support page with redirection to the telephone sale of your trade representative of this brand – we will prepare the page, in turn,  either by ourselves or by agreement with you, and also provide quality SEO-optimization to promote the purchased domain in the key word in the first place in the Czech engine systems – 4.999 CZK per domain + other services by agreement  — — CZK 4.999 – Fiat Argo will be popular in Europe, perhaps it will replace the usual Punto – we will create a support site for the FIAT dealer for this keyword – which will redirect searchers to its official website – CZK 1.999 

KodiaqGT – – CZK 19.999 – TOP domain – CZK 4.999 (the popularity of Google and Seznam CZ now, after a short-term market entry – 8640 UIP per month !!)) is – out of the trinity – Kodiaq – Tiguan – the smallest one. The Seat novelty in the Czech domain is also suitable for the official dealer and support page, which we will also create for redirection to the official sales page, in addition, for some special “ACTION”, which another seller does not have- 4.999 CZK for the domain without the site – in small crossovers it will, in turn, be more closely. Seat introduced the Arona model, which, in fact, is the sister of the small hatchback Ibiza. Anyone who wants a classic hatchback, will get a classic Ibiza. Anyone who wants something more modern and prestigious, will buy Arona. This is a car for the cities of the new time – the source 27.6.2017 – the price of the domain 4.999 CZK – the new seven-seater Subaru is a concept very close to reality – www.info4.999 CZK – it does not sink, but floats. The Czechs built an amphibious minibus with a capacity of up to 12 people – 4.999 CZK – well, it is not yet here, but will appear, they say, this year and will enjoy even more interest than the kinship Hyandai Kona. A compact crossover with a genuine European character was inspired by the shapes and practicality of the large Kia SUVs – do you also want the catalogue to this unique domain in the key word, described for example in, which we offer above? For this domain – when the sale of one car – through our sales catalog – can mean a profit for the supplier of 80 thousand CZK from ONE vehicle – we want 50,000 CZK – now about half a year before the launch of the model on the market – the popularity of this keyword – KIA STONIC – on Google and CZ List – is about 450 UIP. After entering the market, it will be thousands! Have at the moment already prepared a unique sales page in the first places in Czech seach engines – related to your telephone support of your KIA sales office – the price of the domain: 4.999 CZK (the popularity of Google and Seznam CZ – Lada Vesta – 2100 UIP per month !!) – Lada Vesta goes on sale, having in mind basically a severe Russian winter – will we have it – or will we not? Nevertheless, it is searched in search engines. So, in our turn, we recommend that you deploy an informative website about the model and redirect it to the official site of the Lada dealer – 2.999 CZK – NX300 is the car that Lexus entered into the segment of compact SUVs. When such a big RX thrives, why should not thrive its little fellows, right? They are thriving, J do you want you to thrive too when selling this car through our domain in the keyword? The price of the NX300 starts from 1050.000 CZK. Will you not have from it a minimum of 10% profit, for example, every month, for recently sold ones? Domain price is 4.999 CZK (Google’s popularity and Seznam CZ-600 UIP monthly) – buy the investment railway domains of the Czech giant – 9.999 CZK (popularity of Google and Seznam CZ – 450 UIP per month) is the exclusive domain of the Czech sci-fi-future car of Skoda. Unambiguous similarity, when this word will eventually be entered into the search engines more and more – 4.999 CZK – this Tesla will stand on the platform of Tesla 3. It should have had its own, but in the end it did not work out. It will probably look like a luxury SUV. A unique premium domain for your business or support page is for 4.999 CZK – Zetor FOX is a multipurpose combat machine for rapid deployment units manufactured by the Czech manufacturer of ZETOR tractors. Can drive at speeds of up to 120 km per hour and make it to the depth of 600 mm – the domain is suitable for creating a support site for sale in the future for the official dealer. A clear brand name, type and Czech production – a unique domain – 4.999 CZK

Jawa350ohc.CZ – red and looks from afar as before. Many people immediately fall in love. As a rule, they then recall the times when they had long hair and a muscular body, which was filled with beer at biker trips. Just nostalgia is not enough, however. If the price is super profitable, most riders can even think about a hundred-thousandth investment – source: – We will create a sales journal for this domain for a motorcycle salesman who wants to expand the portfolio to this model and connect it to the phone sales support – the price of the domain is 1.999 CZK + the cost of the magazine by agreement – or we will replace it with a new scooter 125 CC of any brand (only domain) – Jawa 350 OHC = currently popularity of 680 UIP month

APPLICATIONS AND GAMES: – the new official Czech name for the game FORGE of EMPIRES. A memorable domain, for example, for an e-shop with keys or games, or a support page with information about the game and the possibility of paid forwarding – 999 CZK – unofficially, the official name of the application – 1.999 CZK

ABOVE-MENTIONED WITHOUT RUBRIC: – once its value will show itself- 999  CZK – (Google’s popularity and list – 300 UIP per month) – an address that answers to Google with 5 letters of the domain – 999 CZK is the domain for the most popular Czech film of the pre-war period or for a very specific e-shop, for example, with food additives or another one, in any case, we all know what ecstasy is, so the similarity to English in 6 letters in the absolutely original word that everyone easily remembers – the popularity of about 130 UIP per month on the very keyword – 19.999 CZK for its attractivity – is a general term for various movements that are ideologically based on an anti-Christian theme of Satan (from the Hebrewish “The Enemy”), ie, originally one of the angels of Jehovah and the tempter of man in Judaism and the enemy of man and God in Christianity – 2.999 CZK per domain -popularity in Czech search engines about 210 UIP per month

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