At this point, we are offering exclusive – unique – mostly Czech domains from various areas of human life that may be useful for your new business plan or as an support page for attracting new customers regularly every month that you would not have received without us and Czech domains – supported by us  – in the Czech Republic and in the Czech Internet environment.

Do you want a profitable investment?

We analyze and register investment domains and offer them only for 1/3 of the prices that they will have in 10 years.

NEW  – – 19.999 CZK – 19.999 CZK + + +  – – 29.999 CZK

TOP: UberAir.SK a Uber-Air.SKinfo –  9.999 CZK

TOP: UberElevate.CZ + UberElevate.EU – info –  9.999 CZK

TOP: + +   – –19.999 CZK

BYZNYS (the popularity of Google and Seznam CZ – 1500 UIP per month !!) – the domain of the most famous slimming remedy – suitable for pharmacies, e-shops- in addition, we will introduce an support website, in case of interest, for targeted redirection to your real trade brand of another drug for weight loss – domain for 9.999 CZK + price of a possible support web-site is a domain created with the name of a new Czech company for a unique business, which in 2030 will be definitely far ahead, including the Czech Republic – 4.999 CZK – 7 letters in a unique domain – Business with drones is growing rapidly. In a few years, it will create a market for trillions, the study says. Over time, this is suitable for drones, carrying things or even people-for example, in 10 years – 6.999 CZK – drones can not only spy and kill. They can also save lives. It turns out that the drones equipped with defibrillators can arrive to people who have had a stroke nearly seventeen minutes earlier than ambulances, as they wrote in – of course, we would be happy if a drone came to us in sich a way in the case of an emergency, and the caller was able to handle the defibrillator- if you ever plan this – domain for only 1.999 CZK

+ + 19.999 CZK per domain – ambulanceDRONE theme and surgery for 1 min 58 sec – VIDEO below is a miracle that may be in the future quite realistic

+ – this domain for 4.999 CZK

+ – this domain for 4.999 CZK

AppleiPhoneX.cz2.999 CZK + DiaGone.EU – highly investment domains are suitable as a means to compensate for their purchase price, because we have registered both options, the Czech Republic and the EU, and thus significantly weakened the market, because the COM option, of course, is already unavailable. What is it about? The revolution in the treatment of diabetes  type 2 – it would be no exaggeration to call so the novelty that ICEM prepares for diabetics. The first patients can undergo surgery in the perspective of several weeks. “This is a minimally invasive method in which, with partial anesthesia, we insert to the patient endoscopically through the mouth into the duodenum the catheter with the DiaGone laser specially developed for this treatment. It can accurately focus on the nerve cells that are in the wall of this initial part of the small intestine and blind them without damaging the surrounding tissues. Source and further information: – Price for set of domains: 19.000 CZK – the biggest outlet-center in the Czech Republic will probably open in the autumn of 2017. It will look like the Prague Old Town. We have registered a keyword in the domain for this project. It is suitable, for example, for a future tenant in the specified premises to combine his brand with all this unique construction into one unique Czech URL of your new presentation, which can – after good work with SEO tools – bring all visitors who search the whole COMPLEX via the Internet to the first places in the Czech  search engines- and since you will be on the 1st place-they will first look at the content of your page and will know where they should go first, when they decide to find the best benefits th a bid that is elsewhere to be found. This is suitable for a large player. Also suitable for use in the leading e-shop by a tenant engaged in the Internet sales. Thanks to our domain, you can eventually earn millions on the attractiveness of the whole complex. Inexpensive branded fashion in Prague – there will be hundreds of customers a day from all over the Czech Republic there, but first and foremost, everyone will search for information on the Internet – a unique domain – 99,000 CZK – – 19.999 CZK – our robot was seized on the expiry date 16/08/2017 – 9.999 CZK – our robot was seized on the expiry date 22/08/2017 – 1.999 CZK – our robot was seized on the expiry date 30/08/2017 – 4.999 CZK our robot was seized on the expiry date 07/10/2017 – 4.999 CZK – our robot was seized on the expiry date 15/10/2017 – 4.999 CZK – is a general term for various movements that are ideologically based on an anti-Christian theme of Satan (from the Hebrewish “The Enemy”), ie, originally one of the angels of Jehovah and the tempter of man in Judaism and the enemy of man and God in Christianity – 2.999 CZK per domain -popularity in Czech search engines about 210 UIP per month

In general word DRONE in is searched about 6.500 x per month in Google and Seznam – www. info –  199.000 CZK + 199.000 CZK – –  199.000 Kč CZK – 7.7.2017 – ČEZ bought the German company Elevion with sales in the amount of billions-do you need this unique Czech domain? – 199.000 CZK

ChinaEastern.SK – They are already operating in the Czech Republic, and do you think that in time they will not fly to Slovakia either? – 19.999 CZK + ChinaBank.cz4.999 CZK

TOP –  – 299.000 CZK domain – will turn off the engine even at high speeds, saving fuel. The flagship and the traditional competitor of sedans, that is, the BMW 7 series or the Mercedes S class, will appear July 11, 2017 in the morning, and the fact that it will be with us for many years (like your new page) – certainly is beyond any doubt. It is clear for whom – the dealer or the seller of Audi – a support page for this keyword and the redirection of the special discount to your sales support page by phone – CZK 4.999 per domain + support page, if necessary, SEO by arrangement – now we add a link to – Audi A8 is the most modern car in the world – on Friday, May 26, 2017, at the famous Italian exhibition of automotive beauty Concorso d’Eleganza, Villa d’Este will present the new BMW 8 Series Concept. From the artistic point of view, the car can be described as a mobile statue – a short unique 4-letter domain, whose bearer will become a legend – the domain is suitable for a BMW dealer for the deployment of a support site or even to create an official website for the sale of this one model within your new business project , for example, a one-page smart site for online acquaintance of customers with a new model, and if you buy it for yourself as a demonstration – then you can start a business with it only on this only product – the price for the domain: CZK 49.000 + CZK 30,000 for a support site and the creation of marketing channels that will reach the target audience of this possible very profitable business segment.

– source of explanatory texts on cars – – 9.999 CZK per domain  — — CZK 4.999

KodiaqGT – – CZK 19.999 – the new seven-seater Subaru is a concept very close to reality – www.info4.999 CZK – it does not sink, but floats. The Czechs built an amphibious minibus with a capacity of up to 12 people – 4.999 CZK (Google’s popularity and Seznam CZ-600 UIP monthly) – buy the investment railway domains of the Czech giant – 9.999 CZK (popularity of Google and Seznam CZ – 450 UIP per month) is the exclusive domain of the Czech sci-fi-future car of Skoda. Unambiguous similarity, when this word will eventually be entered into the search engines more and more – 4.999 CZK – Zetor FOX is a multipurpose combat machine for rapid deployment units manufactured by the Czech manufacturer of ZETOR tractors. Can drive at speeds of up to 120 km per hour and make it to the depth of 600 mm – the domain is suitable for creating a support site for sale in the future for the official dealer. A clear brand name, type and Czech production – a unique domain – 4.999 CZK

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