This is my last stage in life, and in this business idea of ​​selling domains and website services I would like to combine all my life experience, which I have so far received in various professions, and now I would like to reap the benefits, because the time is little, and the desire to live is great, but you know, without money it’s impossible. I offer you the exact services of specialists in the field described on the website. And so, this is my last business idea:

It all started with the fact that the owner of a newly purchased apartment in the residential complex Garden Towers offered me a rental at a very good price.

From the first minute that we were at the residence, I fell in love with its architecture, and soon we moved there.

Since I have been working with the Internet for a long time and searching for key domains, of course, judging from my profession, I began to look for suitable alternatives to free phrases, not only for housing complexes, but for all other development projects, it should be said that in the beginning, for the most part, of Central Group. Gradually, I added more beyond the Project.

Yes, I took advantage of the situation that all the developers, brokers, intermediaries and IT specialists of companies did not quite understand that these domains would someday possibly have the price of gold. Due to the fact that they contain keywords that logically potential customers will enter in the search engines when the developers implement their plans and offer the public the launched properties through the media for sale or rent.

Because, how else will users search in the Internet for real estate offers in the newly built Parková čtvrt than by text message Parková čtvrt Praha or Rezidence Parková čtvrť or + we have reverse options at our disposal.

And at the moment, thanks to the keyword in the domain and SEO optimization of your new site, you can already be far ahead of the competition. And, perhaps, even in the 1 st place in the Czech search engines and

It is likely that some exclusive domains in the Project and beyond, can be one of the main factors for real estate sales and services in Prague.

It’s just amazing that so many keywords in the domains were available to these objects.

You had the same opportunity as me, it just did not occur to you to combine all these free alternatives of phrases in domains into one complete set – the Project.

All domains we operate have a national form with the CZ ending. All of the above objects are in the Czech Republic, and so, naturally, there can be no question of any other ending than CZ.

Our proposed domains are not protected by trademarks. If you believe that you have more legitimate rights to own a domain than we do, please contact us in order to start a dialogue, we are open for negotiations.


A few of my subjective thoughts:

“Who owns the Project, can own the future” (for example, when selling apartments).

“It’s all a matter of time and money” (the cost of SEO optimization of the site and the time before their creation).

“Although we also prepare language versions of RU and EN, we offer the Project at the Czech price.”


The services offered on this site (section Offer of services to residents) are provided by a limited liability company, which is an invoice.

The sale and rent of domains is organized by a limited liability company through their direct owner on his own trade name.

We are not VAT payers.

We accept all payments on the basis of our written invoice only by bank transfer to a bank account.

Additional information about our business?

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