Domains are the fastest growing commodity with regard to their value.

We offer domains-your new branded ONLINE addresses of your possible real addresses, which a visitor gets only from the fact that these exact names in full compliance are logically entered into the browser. It’s about the so-called popularity of keywords in the domain.

Do you want to open a restaurant in the Garden Towers residential complex? How do you think people look for you? Of course, throught the entering into the search engine of the word combinations “restaurant building complex garden towers?” And your new web address can take the form:, or even simpler and uniquely: (and every customer will know that behind this truly exclusive domain, besides amazing photos of your dishes,there is the current menu of delicacies and specialties, where you can always return, not only to recall your gourmet impressions + – and for this business plan we will create your new website “A to Z” – you can apply HERE.

Or do you think that the address should not be anything other than your offer of apartments for this facility? Be careful, otherwise the restaurant can overtake you J

All domains we operate have a national form with the CZ ending. All of the above objects are in the Czech Republic, and so, naturally, there can be no question of any other ending than CZ.

The higher the popularity in keywords of Internet users is, the higher will be the cost of the domain over time. Nevertheless, it is necessary to work with each separate domain from the point of view of SEO and, to put it unprofessionally, to “feed” it with quality PR articles. And in this direction we can also provide you a unique service of our professional employee – send a preliminary application.

Quite unique is our offer of the most basic keywords in national domains, which in the future will most likely appear in Internet search engines. At our disposal there are the most common phrases in domains that people actually enter into the fields of search engines. With the help of a professional approach, we can raise these web addresses to the keywords contained in the domains we offer, up to the first places of the search engines on and, and it is the opportunity for you to be outside the competition, in fact, at the first place under the paid advertising of search engines, which we can, however, also achieve through cooperation with the Service Manager – S-click. It all depends on whether the prepared dreams of developers are implemented, and then all the mass media, thanks to the scale of new buildings, using television, radio, print, will lure people to Internet search engines – where people, probably and logically, will enter these keywords contained in the national Czech domains we operate.


“Who owns the Project, can own the future” (for example, when selling apartments).

“It’s all a matter of time and money” (the cost of SEO optimization of the site and the time before their creation).

“Although we are also preparing RU and EN language versions,  we offer the Project at the Czech price.”

Our proposed domains are not protected by trademarks. It’s amazing that we managed to find so many national Czech domains in key words to existing and prepared development projects. We had the advantage that we registered at a time when this PROJECT had not occurred to anyone yet, and no one had checked the availability for registration. You had the same opportunity as we did, just your IT department did not think about it. If you believe that you have more legal rights to own a domain than we do, please contact us in order to start a dialogue, we are open for negotiations.

Other exclusive domains – investment domains from the spheres of Business, China, Technet, Applications, Games and much more – you will find HERE – almost all of them are made for a reasonable cost equivalent to the average monthly salary of a Czech citizen. The price of some of them will increase 10 times in 10 years, because they are short, clear, unique for the Czech Republic and already inaccessible, this can be really called the investment domain.

In conclusion, so that you better imagine: Argo Alpha itself appears in the search engine already after entering these letters in the first place in the sentence – because this is the key word that people often enter into the search engine to find this exclusive office address.

– Argo A –

Just think that you too can be in the first place in displaying the results of Czech search engines, and most seekers, due to the fact that you are at the first positions, will visit your site first of all , which, thanks to a professional description and high-quality photos in the browsing mode of found URL sites  -really interested them.

If you are seriously interested in purchasing any of the above non-Project domains, please contact us through this web form. It can also be used in case you are seriously interested in the whole Project.