Dear entrepreneurs,

I follow the legal norms of the Czech Republic and send you this offer in the form of a URL, which, thanks to the allowed legal registration, can not be considered an undesirable commercial message.

Nevertheless, I allow myself to offer you the inclusion into our exclusive NejlepšiAdresyVeMěstě.cz Journal, whose parts are sections REAL ESTATE and OFFER OF SERVICES TO RESIDENTS, which we intend for wealthy residents of housing estates throughout Prague, and in the viral subjects of the Journal also for Internet visitors from all the Czech Republic.

We are able to connect – PEOPLE – ENVIRONMENT – INFORMATION – INTERNET – into a single whole

Housing estates are usually closed, and you are not able to offer their residents your services as a whole, because you do not get to their mailboxes and internal premises, but also because you can not communicate with them- they basically speak Russian – worse English and just very little Czech. Do this through us, as we guarantee the only exclusivity of your business in our Journal. We have addressed you because we know that you are providing quality that we would be glad – not only to offer, but also to guarantee – to the residents of the NejlepšíAdresyVeMěstě.cz community –  through our mediation. We will direct your services to the most elite Garden Towers and Central Park residential complexes to unite your offers with the requirements of our neighbors. We want to be the guarantor of the services we offer, and therefore, you should expect our most professional approach when drafting your PROMO proposal for the residents of the houses for whom we intend it in the first place.

Note that only in the above houses there are more than 1300 expensive apartments, in which, in particular, rich foreigners live, which may well become your new. And in 2018 – 2019, Parková čtvrť Praha will start to be built next, where another 2500 units will be added to these apartments one day –  that is, as much as 3800 luxury apartments in Prague at a 1km2 square.

We are thinking about the future. Be here with us, already at the time, which then be paid with a thousandfold  interest. You also want to “make investments”, don’t you? 

We speak “the people’s language” J We target our offers mostly to well-off clients, to which we also forward our marketing channels, this is another huge bonus for you. This clientele is rich – you also want, after all, active and solvent customers. It is frequent residents and tenants of apartments in houses. We have experience working with viral topics from the Internet, which we will also post on the INTERNET section and attract hundreds of other visitors and, consequently, potential Clients for your advertised brand, to our ONLINE Catalogue and the Magazine

With the help of our own advertising system inside the 2 Residential Complexes, we will quickly penetrate into the subconsciousness of the residents, especially with the help of the language combinations of the CZ-EN-RU site – which are already activated. We take part in the inner life, and we can write about topics that interest respondents inside or which they have a reason to read – just on our website, where you can now leave your ad as well for the best annual price in 2 different price versions according to the range of services – described here.

We are preparing for these our neighbors also viral themes linked to Russian sources and authors.

We prepare

We will represent your actions not only in homes, but throughout the Czech Republic (and the whole world) with the help of dozens of our own marketing channels FACEBOOK – TWITTER – INSTAGRAM – PINTEREST – YOUTUBE and the tested services of paid CZ clicks providers, which we of course , Also use for these purposes.

We will present your proposal to the people of Prague and the general public throughout the Czech Republic, using interesting articles, photos, VIDEO and texts that we will cover with an attractive VISUAL form so that it does not in any way look like a usual commercial offer, which there is plenty.

Nevertheless, as I have already mentioned, for each business sphere we have only one place. Do not drag for long, and write to us in case you are interested in email: or use this contact form

For an idea of ​​the possible prices for our services, please see our price list, which is valid until August 8, 2018. Nevertheless, to the one who will conclude the contract now – we guarantee this price during the whole period of his interest, or – until the termination of the site activity due to the reasons listed in the Terms and Conditions.

In addition, we offer PR-articles for new and under construction projects of elite housing for developers in Prague, and in the form of ongoing series – in each 3 back links to your official website.

Thank you for the time you took for me, reading this business proposal legally justified by the permission of the authorities for the newsletter.

 Site administrator

In case you respond to this business proposal by e-mail at the above e-mail address, you have read and acknowledge your consent and acquaintance with the current formulations of our Terms and Conditions, which we hereby offer to you for review.

No facts or data contained in this message can be considered a legally binding proposal of the treaty or acceptance of your proposal for a contract. If this message contains a proposal for a contract (offer), then any, even insignificant changes that you make in this proposal, will be considered by us a new proposal, and at the same time if this message contains a proposal for a contract, or is a reaction to your proposal for a contract, the contract that will arise on the basis of this proposal will not be concluded earlier than the moment of signing its written copy by the authorized representatives of the parties. The results of negotiations preceding the conclusion of a treaty are not considered binding.