INTERNET: A new generation of smoking is here. System IQOS debunks the myths. It is an electronic device – the perfect combination of tobacco and temperature. In Prague right now a large-scale campaign in the media is starting

How does the system differ from the usual IQOS electronic cigarette? It is a perfect combination of tobacco and temperature, which electronic cigarettes do not have. All this became possible thanks to the technology, which is hidden inside a cute little device that can do almost the same commands as your mobile phone. Thanks to it you can enjoy tobacco without smoke and ash. The technology is based on heating a unique blade made of ceramics and covered with gold and platinum. A special electronic system controls the temperature to avoid tobacco ignition. When you stop burning tobacco in cigarettes and begin to savor it through the heat, you will see the difference.

This new product is already being sold in the Czech Republic and for it an extensive marketing support of suppliers in the Czech Republic begins in the form of advertising moving stands throughout Prague and other cities, and certainly advertising will be more extensive over time, for example, even in the media. If you want to catch the your chance and launch a new e-shop with such an interesting product right now, we offer for this purpose 2 exclusive domains whereas the option of internationally “recognized” “PRO” ending is a pure coincidence with the global domain of the official supplier


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