The key word (also the Keyword phrase) in today’s terminology is the expression that is most often repeated in the text or a conversation on the topic:


“Today we’ve visited the Garden Towers residentual complex in Prague. We liked this new building, and I recommend you to look at it if you are also looking for a high quality of life. “

 From the whole text, the interested person, as a rule, will enter into the field of the Internet search engine a clear statement on the key information that he heard in connection with the designation of the object object, namely: the residential complex Garden Towers.

It is logical that it is best to own a word combination containing a keyword in the national domain CZ, or at least containing the keywords:


Keywords are important in the so-called OPTIMIZATION for Internet search engines.

Therefore, it is necessary to change the above formulation so that KEYWORD is the verbal expression that the fulltext search engine outputs in the results of this search (the so-called SERP) -best of all at its first places. Although, nowadays, search engines no longer work only with keywords in texts and are likely to contain in SERP websites that do not contain keywords at all.

Optimizing a web page for a certain keyword can be a problem if the person in this – you can say – the art-although not a bit oriented. This professional activity is designated by the term Keyword Analysis.

The choice of keywords depends, first of all, on the overall strategy in the field of SEO. These strategies are diverse for every unique business idea and new website. Our specialist in his original concept of PR articles recommends using only one keyword, in earlier trends, up to 3 words were recommended. The best effect in relation to CZ search engines is achieved by combining the effectiveness of both types of mentioned PR-articles.

The decisive factor is the price you are willing to invest into your business plan every month, because the leading places in the search engines are not cheap, unfortunately, neither for the keywords (but is not it worthwhile to invest into the business with the REAL ESTATE, for example, 2 years before construction?).

It’s not that you have to send this investment regularly to someone every month on the account – but you need to regularly publish so-called PR articles using copywriting and SEO-copywriting methods that you need to place on quality websites designed for this – Their creation is not an easy activity, for which masters of this art take a lot of money.

Yes, there is a danger that the subject, who does not own the keyword in the domain, will be in the position in front of you, because his SEO-masters produced more and better PR articles than you, because you do not have this experience. Nevertheless, if you provide quality, then you have the prerequisites that due to their number – which each business sector has its own – and thanks to the key word in the national domain CZ – you too will overtake this competition.

We deal with:

Keyword research – daily we analyze for you the latest Internet news and we occupy all free profitable and investment domains of the modern and future market. 

Providing full SEO analysis, including monthly professional control over the movement of the keyword in the domain, which includes your newly launched new site + providing super high-quality PR articles in the long term that will uniquely lead you over time to 1 place in the Czech search engines and (depending on their monthly amount).

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