Specialist in WordPress professional sites, which are designed, in particular, to obtain an increase in the number of regular readers and authors, who are subsequently sent to the sales sites by various built-in advertising mechanisms – this is one of the main ways to provide a significant percentage of customers for the brand. We recommend thematic sites in relation to the entrepreneurial business plan.

Specialist in advanced PRESTA-stores, which are one of the best trading platforms that meet modern requirements for an e-shop. We combine them with the unique graphics of our further specialist. We set up marketing channels that direct these to your new trading platforms.

Specialist on the schedule. I must say that he does it only for me. And so this is an artist who creates LOGOTYPES. But I am his first client and therefore he concedes to my requests, and he always performs for me a maximum of professional work for a good price. The best professional designer I know. You can receive his signature in the form of banners, slides, photos and LOGOTYPES on your website through our full service. Or we will gladly give him the order that you intend only for him in the area of ​​logo graphics.

SEO Specialist and his team. We have been working for 6 years with an expert who is a true master of the mysterious Internet marketing industry. The choice of keywords depends, first of all, on the overall strategy in the field of SEO. These strategies are diverse for every unique business idea and new website. Our specialist in his original concept of PR articles recommends using only one keyword, in earlier trends, up to 3 words were recommended. The best effect in relation to CZ-search engines is achieved by combining the effectiveness of both types of mentioned PR-articles. In case of your interest, we will provide you with its professional services, which can also lead your new or existing Project to 1 place in the Czech search engines Seznam.cz and Google.cz.

A specialist in the tax service and a forensic expert in the field of economics – this is for you too, through our intermediation, is completely accessible. We offer, for example, the preparation of an expert valuation of the company’s value – liquidation of companies – registration of a limited liability company in the Czech Republic on your director. Advantages of LLC compared to a representative of individuals are that a legal entity is not responsible with its property and, in addition, significant deductions of expenses in the framework of its activities, even in everyday life – renting an office or apartment, renting a car, PHM and others, In more detail we can explain it personally. The price for this full service is 13,999 CZK. If you are interested, please contact us. In this regard, we will also provide his further professional services of a tax consultant (forensic expert from the field of economics), when he will besised become reliable and faithful to your family, over the long years of your growing prosperity (CZ – EN – RU).

In addition, we have other contacts in all areas of the Internet, so if we do not know ourselves – HOW- we reliably organize – WHERE-and-WHO – in place of us. In a wider area, we have 5 more graphs, which we use from time to time, and also 4 programmers. Everyone is good in their field, so that in general our studio can give you a really wide range of various, including peripheral, services on the Internet. We use the services of several CZ – EN – RU translators. We have a specialist in the search for confidential information on the Internet. We use the services of a highly qualified lawyer. We can provide quality notary services.

We are able to connect – PEOPLE – ENVIRONMENT – INFORMATION – INTERNET – into a single whole.