UBER will fly. Planes without pilots will start to carry passengers, first in Los Angeles, in 2020. Do you think they will eventually reeach Europe? Unique CZ and SK investment domains for sale + VIDEO

Uber.com/Air is the official domain for this project. Key search words are”Uber” and ” Air “. The key word, as his people will type it into search engines is, of course, “uber air.” We offer 2 domain of unique combinations for the Slovak market:

UberAir.SK and Uber -Air.SK

In 15 years they will have cost up to a million dollars if Uber offers these services over time also for Europe and the individual countries. Or do you think it will not offer? Ideal investment, for example, for a future tenant or excursion service UBER of Air facilities in Slovakia.

Being investment domains, they are now available for 9.999, – CZK

For the Czech market + we register the EU option as well – we also offer unique domains, just as Uber itself presented its research officially in the second case:

UberElevate.CZ + UberElevate.EU

The current price is 9.999, – CZK for this set of 2 domains.

Every year as the possible joining of Europe will be closer, we will raise the price for 5.000, – CZK for each set

Foto: hurriyetdailynews.com, video: youtube.com

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